About Noel & Coach The Host!

My name is Noel, and my passion is real estate, coaching and international hospitality. I love everything about the business of real estate, in particular personally being a real estate investor. After experimenting with different ways to make money in real estate, I found owning properties long-term was most interesting to me and I consumed all I could about real estate investing! 

My passion is coaching and teaching, and as an investor, I started teaching free classes on being a landlord, and I focused on teaching regular people how to become successful real estate investors... Eventually, this became an entire non-profit organization based on teaching bi-monthly free classes on real estate investing, online classes and group and individual coaching. Finally, I was showing and coaching over 100 real estate investors.

My passion is international travel, and when I was in college, I was involved with international students and worked for several international student organizations. I helped American families prepare to host their exchange student, and I helped the international student acclimate to their year abroad in America. My role was as a liaison between the host and the guest.

In 2015, I decided to try Airbnb and loved it! I started turning my long-term rental properties into short-term rentals. I did have to learn some of the "tips of the trade" the hard way, and I hope you find my articles on my Airbnb experiences, good bad and ugly, exciting and fun to read!

I am so thrilled to combine these passions into my "Coach The Host" blog and very interested in sharing what I have learned with this platform. This site is full of free information and will continue to grow as our community grows. Please provide feedback about what you want to learn about and let's expand the Coach The Host community together!